How to save on routine car maintenance

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If you have a car, you already know it’s definitely an ongoing expense; it doesn’t just end when your purchase your vehicle. Cars require routine maintenance in order to run efficiently, and because this upkeep can be expensive—especially as it accumulates—many drivers put it off. The problem with delaying this necessary maintenance? It can result in serious problems later on, which will be much costlier to fix. Although it’s important to keep up with your car’s recommended maintenance schedule and take care of any issues before they manifest, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. The following are some ways you can save money on routine car maintenance:

Oil changes

Oil changes are an essential part of regular routine maintenance, but the costs can add up, especially if your car requires a special kind of oil. If you bought a new car with a warranty, your dealership will likely offer free oil changes up to a certain mileage or up to a certain amount of time—usually, whichever comes first. Be sure to take advantage of these free oil changes while you can. Afterwards, you can save money on your oil changes by comparing prices from different places around town; the car dealership may or may not offer the best prices. Be sure to also check your local newspaper for coupons, which can help you save substantially on your next oil change, or offer another perk, such as a free car wash.

Use the correct fuel grade

Gas can affect how your car runs, and thus affect maintenance, necessary repairs, and so on. If your car requires premium gas, don’t skimp on the extra cost by opting for regular, as you may mess up your vehicle. On the other hand, you could be wasting money and using premium fuel, when all you really need is regular. Be sure to check your car’s manual for the recommended fuel grade.


Rotating your tires and making sure they always have the right amount of air is important for extending their longevity, but they’ll eventually need to replaced. Save money on tires by ordering them from discount websites and having them shipped to your mechanic, or purchase them from a wholesale club if you have a membership.

Do what you can yourself

If you aren’t familiar with the mechanics of a car, you’ll want to save more complex maintenance for a trained professional. But there are other things you can usually do yourself—for example, switching out your windshield wipers—and you won’t have to worry about the labor costs. Ask a friend or family member for help with certain projects, or check online for free tutorial videos. Just remember to save the important jobs for someone who has experience, and don’t try to tackle any type of maintenance on your own that you don’t feel comfortable doing.

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