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Technology is a great thing—and if you own an online-based business, it’s now easier than ever to accept credit card purchases from customers without even having a physical storefront. Whether you’re looking to start a new business or you have an established company and you’re looking for a new solution, the following are some common options for accepting credit cards online:

Merchant accounts

A simple solution for businesses is to set up a merchant account. This is usually done through a financial institution, such as a bank, and will give the organization all the essential tools needed to accept credit or debit cards, which can also be done online.

Online credit card processing

Businesses that would prefer to bypass opening a merchant account have the option to work with third-party processors that allow for credit card sales online. Online credit card processors take care of all online credit and debit card transactions, but without the need for a merchant account. In addition to giving online businesses the option to implement payment links right on their website, many third-party providers now provide mobile card readers that can be connected to compatible devices (such as smartphones).

Mobile credit card processing

Companies that aren’t exclusively restricted to online transactions and sometimes need to physically accept credit card payments can benefit from mobile credit card processing. These devices allow businesses to turn their tablets and smartphones into credit card readers, giving them the opportunity to accept payments anywhere with Wi-Fi or a phone signal. For instance, this can be a good option to consider if you primarily accept all payments for transactions online, but you will be attending a trade show and want the opportunity to sell products or services on the spot.

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