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  Whether you telecommute full-time or part-time, or you run your own business from home, you’re likely familiar with some of the costs associated with operating out of a home office. Depending on the line of work you’re in, these costs can be somewhat frustrating—after all, you’re working to make money, not to spend it. […]

 Creating your own small business venture can be a fun and life-changing experience, but it’s not without its risks. In the beginning, it’s not uncommon to spend more money than you’re bringing in, especially as you establish yourself and begin to build your customer base. That’s why it’s so important in the beginning stages to […]

Do you travel a lot for work? Those expenses can really add up, especially if you’re just starting your small business and you’re trying to cut down on company expenses. The following tips can be beneficial for budget travel in general, but can be particularly helpful for those traveling for business purposes: Take the red-eye […]

Although exciting, starting your own business is usually a big decision to make. It could mean quitting your job, finding commercial space, and making a big financial investment. But these days, not all businesses require a significant financial investment—in fact, by just investing some of your time, there are plenty of ways you can start […]

If you’re expanding your business and looking into commercial office space, you’ll eventually need to make a decision as to whether to buy space or rent it. The following are some important things to consider when making a decision between the two: Benefits of renting Worrying about basic upkeep, repairs, or maintenance for office space […]

Starting your own small business can be very rewarding, but it’s not without its challenges. Avoiding some of these common small business mistakes can help you to avoid pitfalls when you’re just starting out: Quitting your job too soon It can be tempting to quit your job as soon as you make the decision to […]

Starting your own small business from the ground up can be both challenging and rewarding. Work at overcoming potential challenges and help your business grow with some of the following tips and strategies: Take some risks These days, it can be easy to start a business with little to no start-up costs, primarily if you’ll […]

If you’ve just launched your own company, business cards are a must. Not only do you want a good design that potential customers will remember, but you’ll want to try to cut down on the cost, especially as a new business owner. Here are some ways you can cut down on the cost of your […]

Technology is a great thing—and if you own an online-based business, it’s now easier than ever to accept credit card purchases from customers without even having a physical storefront. Whether you’re looking to start a new business or you have an established company and you’re looking for a new solution, the following are some common […]

Whether you’re looking to just earn some extra cash or start your own business, the following are some tips for earning cash from a hobby: Devise your marketing strategy Without some form of marketing, it will be almost impossible to make money. First, identify your target audience, then think of ways you can reach them. […]