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  For many young adults, their college years often mean big changes, and it can give them their first true taste of living in the real world. As such, many college students opt for their first credit cards during this time. For those students who have yet to establish their credit, they may need to […]

If you have credit card debt, you’re paying interest—unless you’re currently paying off debt with a zero-percent introductory offer. Even then, you’ll eventually need to pay interest on that credit card debt if you still have a balance once the introductory period ends. Nobody wants to pay credit card interest, but it’s just a requirement […]

Every month, the credit card bills come in like clockwork, and consumers have a few choices: They can pay off their balances completely, just pay the minimum payments, make larger payments, or ignore them (which, of course, is definitely not recommended). You may have questioned whether you should be making bigger payments than just the […]

Transferring a high-interest credit card balance onto another credit card with more favorable terms might seem like a no-brainer. While transferring credit card balances can be a good way to cut down on interest charges and help you to pay off debt faster, there are also some things to consider before you do a balance […]

Getting rid of credit card debt can seem like an overwhelming task—especially if you have multiple credit cards. But if you’re ready to be free of credit card debt once and for all, some of the following tips can help: Make more than the minimum payment You can get stuck in what seems like an […]

A bad credit score can cost you: you’ve probably heard it before. But did you know that poor credit could literally cost you money? Here’s how: High interest If your credit isn’t that great, you might still get approved for loans and credit cards, but at a much higher cost. People with bad credit usually […]

These days, it can be difficult to pay for certain things without a credit card. Even without the need to borrow money or the desire to build credit, having a credit card number is often needed for various types of purchases—for example, ordering something online. With bad credit, it can be difficult to qualify for […]

There are so many different things that will affect your credit score, that it can be difficult to know what factors actually don’t have an impact on credit rating. In fact, many consumers are often surprised—whether it’s a huge relief or a bit of disappointment—to learn that some of the following actually have no effect […]

  While there are some advantages to consider when it comes to keeping your credit cards, there are also some advantages to consider when it comes to closing them all out, too. Some of these benefits include: No financing charges Even without debt problems or poor spending habits, it’s important to remember that credit cards […]

There are a lot of benefits to keeping your credit card accounts active. With responsible use, they can be a good way to build up your credit, which is necessary in order to qualify for larger loans (such as a mortgage). They can make it easier and more convenient to shop online, and they’re arguably […]