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Are you making any of the following health insurance mistakes? If so, they could be costing you. Some expensive health insurance mistakes to avoid include: Not purchasing enough coverage Too many people focus solely on their premiums and pick a plan that costs them the least amount of money possible. While this is better than […]

Health insurance is beneficial for a number of reasons, and policyholders understand that without a health insurance plan, they would pay a lot more for medical care. But aside from discounted healthcare, what other benefits does your health insurance plan offer? Although it will vary by specific plan, some of the following are additional benefits […]

Whether you’re currently shopping around for a new health plan or you already have insurance, it’s good to know what standard healthcare coverage will pay out for, and what it won’t. Note that it will vary by insurance carrier and specific health plan, and you should always ask your insurance carrier directly if you have […]

If you have a pet, you’re likely aware that veterinary expenses can quickly add up, and can sometimes cost as much as your own medical expenses. Because some of these costs can catch you off-guard, it can be easy to suddenly find yourself in a lot of debt, especially if you don’t have an emergency […]

If you don’t have health insurance, you aren’t alone—the Transamerica Center for Health Studies has reported that as of 2014, approximately 15 percent of the American population was uninsured. Even with health insurance, some medical procedures and treatments may not be covered, or they may not be covered completely. Whether or not you’re insured, some […]

With or without health insurance, medical bills can be expensive. If you fall too far behind, you can end up putting your credit score at risk. If medical bills are piling up, the following tips can be helpful for handling those debts: Don’t ignore your medical bills Because medical bills may not arrive for weeks, […]

  A single dental treatment can easily cost a patient hundreds—or even thousands of dollars—if he or she is uninsured. Because of the expense, many uninsured individuals will avoid the dentist altogether, and might only seek treatment when they are in excruciating pain. Whether you need extreme dental work done or you’re just in need […]

  Cosmetic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular way to enhance one’s appearance, repair physical damage from an accident, or to fix a deformity. Some of the most expensive cosmetic procedures in the United States (costs may vary based on location, doctor, and specific procedure) include: Full body lift Average cost: $20,000 Those looking for […]

  Without medical insurance, a medical emergency will likely result in a huge bill running into the thousands. But even without healthcare benefits, there are ways to cut down on the costs of a medical emergency. Determine if the emergency room is necessary Up to 25 percent of ER visits are not actually medical emergencies. […]

Whether you’re selecting a health insurance plan through, independently, or through your employer, the options can be daunting. Higher premiums usually mean lower annual deductibles, and the decision will often come down to your medical history, age, monthly budget, and current health needs. You’ll also want to consider whether you’re seeking insurance to mostly […]