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Did you know that eight out of 10 medical bills contain errors? The next time you receive a medical bill, don’t just assume that the amount you owe is correct without carefully looking through the charges, as you might end up paying for something you shouldn’t be. Here are some ways you can spot medical […]

There are several different reasons to have an operation, and many people will have to undergo at least one surgical procedure during their lifetime. Some surgeries can prevent or relieve pain, whereas others might be a crucial part in diagnosing a medical condition. An operation might help to improve a patient’s quality of life, and […]

Without dental insurance, a single trip to the dentist can easily run into the thousands. It may vary slightly depending on your dentist, but the top five most expensive dental services usually include the following: Dental implants Dental implants are often the best option for those with missing teeth, but they are also one of […]

 The following are currently some of the most expensive medical conditions in the United States: High blood pressure High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart disease, so it’s crucial to regularly monitor your blood pressure. Not smoking, a low-sodium diet, stress management, limiting alcohol and frequent exercise are all ways to help […]

Without health insurance, even minor conditions or illnesses can easily run into the hundreds—sometimes, the thousands—when paying out-of-pocket. In general, treatments for various medical conditions throughout the nation collectively cost well into the billions. The following are currently some of the most expensive medical conditions in the United States: Heart conditions Heart conditions are currently […]

Even with a good health insurance plan, you may have noticed that some of your prescription medications are still very expensive. When it comes to medicine that you’ll need to take on a regular basis, it can be beneficial to find the possible ways to cut down on these costs. Some of these ways include: […]

Medical care can be very expensive, especially for those without health insurance. Even a trip to the ER for a minor illness or injury can end with a bill that runs into the thousands. However, there are some ways to cut down on medical costs. Go generic Most of the time, you can save a […]

When you need medical care and don’t have the money or insurance to cover the costs, most healthcare providers will be willing to bill you. Myth #1. If an unpaid medical bill is sent to a collection agency, it won’t affect my credit score the same way that an unpaid credit card bill would. Fact:  […]

People often have a lot of different questions when it comes to health insurance. The following are five things that everyone should know when it comes to health insurance. 1. There are various types of private health insurance policies. Different types of policies can provide very different kinds of benefits, and some can restrict which […]