How taking a summer semester can help you save money

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For many college students, summer is the time to relax, have fun, and take time off from school. For those who went away to school, summertime can also mean returning home and visiting friends and family. Even though you may have earned that break after a semester of hard work, consider the benefits of attending class during the summer semester. It may not be the most appealing option, but one of the many advantages is that it can save you money. Here’s how:

Cheaper classes

Summer sessions are a lot shorter overall, which usually means condensed sessions that still award the same amount of credits. It will vary by college, but some schools offer a reduction in tuition during the summer session.

Graduate faster

The more classes you take (including that summer session), the faster you’ll graduate and be done with college. As if this wasn’t motivation enough to take what you can and go to school during the summer, consider the financial benefits as well. Colleges inevitably raise their tuition prices, and the longer you’re in school, the greater of a chance you’ll be subjected to those hikes in fees. Additionally, delaying graduation means it will be that much longer before you can pursue your career path, and begin reaping the financial benefits of a possible salary increase.

Better availability

There may not be as many classes offered in the summer, but because fewer students attend summer school, you can often have your pick of classes. As a college student, you likely already know that not all classes are priced the same. If you have some elective credits you need to take care of, for instance, summer gives you a better chance at getting into the classes that are cheaper overall. During fall and winter sessions, you could have difficulties getting into your top picks, especially the lower-priced classes.

Lower-priced materials

Just like with classes, summer also means a better chance at finding textbooks and other required course materials in used condition, and at cheaper prices. It can be difficult to find used textbooks for a course that many other students are taking during a regular semester, unless you really plan ahead. But in the summer, you can often find what you need at your college bookstore.


What if you could earn college credit and actually make money at the same time by attending a summer session? Many internships are offered during the summer, which can be a great way to earn course credit, gain some real industry experience, and possibly make some extra cash. You’ll usually have to pay to register for an internship just like you’d pay to register for any other course, but with a paid internship, those costs can potentially cancel each other out, or you might come out ahead.


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