College expenses that are often overlooked

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We all know that college tuition can be very expensive, but there are often other college expenses that are either underestimated and overlooked completely. The following article highlights some of those expenses, which can help any future college student be more financially prepared.

Travel costs

If you’re looking at colleges all around the country, you have to think about airfare, food, and hotel costs, in addition to lost time at work. And then there’s the travel costs for visiting during holidays and school breaks. Even if you attend an in-state school, there are still gas costs to consider.

Moving costs

You may have thought about room and board, but what about the actual moving costs? Unless the student plans on living at home, moving costs can quickly add up, even if it’s in the same town. Doing without a moving company will cut down on these costs substantially, but you still have to consider equipment rentals (such as renting your own moving truck or van), boxes and materials, and more. And this will happen twice—once college begins, and after graduation.

Living necessities

It’s the little things, such as towels, bedding, and toiletries that can really add up and sneak up on you. Prepare for these miscellaneous, yet unavoidable costs and become a bargain shopper so that you don’t overpay for these things.

Books and supplies

Many college students underestimate the cost of books and supplies for certain classes. Although some classes may not mandate such costly materials, others can run you an extra few hundred dollars.

Social activities

Not just off-campus, but on-campus activities including sports and clubs can cause college students to incur fees that they didn’t account for.

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Nothing above is meant to provide financial or tax advice. You should meet with appropriate professionals for such services.

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