How to get discounts on major home appliances

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Whether you just bought a new place or you’re getting ready to upgrade some of the major appliances around your home, you’re likely aware of the fact that the costs can quickly add up. With some careful planning and shopping around, however, you can score some deep discounts on certain major home appliances.

Look out for sales

If you’re looking to buy new appliances and it’s nowhere near a holiday, try to hold out. Holiday sales are usually a great time to score a terrific deal on new appliances, and you may not have to wait long, either. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day are all great times of the year to begin bargain hunting for your home’s new appliances.

Opt for eco friendly

If you purchase certain EnergyStar appliances, you may eligible for certain tax credits. On top of that, because you’ll be using less energy each month, you’ll have lower utility bills.

Consider floor models and/or returned appliances

A floor model will often function just fine, but because it isn’t brand new out of the box, you may be able to purchase it for a great price once the retailer is done selling the product. Also, ask the store about any returns. Even if the item is in perfect working order, an appliance that has been returned by a customer for another reason, will usually discount the price automatically.


Depending on the store you’re shopping at and their policies, negotiation may not be an option. But it doesn’t hurt to find out—you may just be able to haggle with the sales associate and get a better deal on your purchase.

Buy used

Check garage sales, newspaper ads, and smaller stores for gently used appliances or older models that might still be like new. If you’re on a budget, but need to update ancient appliances around your home, this may be the way to go.

Talk with your real estate agent

If you haven’t bought your home yet and you don’t want to worry about buying new appliances when you do, tell your real estate agent. He or she may be able to find a seller that is willing to include any or all of the home’s appliances with the sale.

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