Doing your own home renovations? Avoid these costly mistakes

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Handyman installing wooden floor in new house

If you’re renovating your home and looking to keep costs down, you may have thought about taking on some of the projects yourself. While some of the easier projects can be worth tackling, it’s important to bear in mind that more complex renovations are best left to the professionals, unless you’re an experienced contractor. Although taking on your home renovation projects is supposed to save you money, if you’re not careful or don’t plan properly, it’s possible that it could just cost you a lot more in the end. Avoid these potentially expensive mistakes if you’re planning on renovating a part of your home on your own:

Not making safety your number one priority

If you’re inexperienced and renovating a part of your home, you never should put your safety at risk in any way in order to save time or money. Whether you didn’t purchase the proper safety gear, or you’re rushing through a project so that you’ll complete it faster, you can put your life on the line. Even a minor injury that results from not following proper safety protocols can result in very costly medical bills. Protect yourself and invest in what’s necessary to keep yourself safe, while saving the more complicated jobs for the professionals.

Using low-quality materials

You may not need to buy the most durable materials out there, but going from one extreme to the other and opting for the least expensive may not always be a good move. If you’re trying to keep costs down, it might make sense to always buy the cheapest materials that are available, but sometimes you get what you pay for. If you buy low-quality materials, you might eventually need to re-do your entire project. This can be very time consuming and might just cost you a lot more money in the end, and it could be worth it to just invest in higher quality materials from the get-go.

Not taking measurements

In the midst of all the preparations for a huge renovation project, it can be easy to overlook one little thing that can easily throw everything off: forgetting to take measurements, or rushing through them and not getting an accurate number. Because many home remodeling projects require very specific and accurate measurements, this isn’t something you want to skip or rush through. Without accurate measurements, you run the risk of buying too much or not enough of a certain material. You might need to make a new purchase, or you might have leftovers that just go to waste. Don’t throw away time and money by overlooking this step and just estimating how much of a certain material you need.

Not acquiring the required permits

Depending on regulations in your area and your exact remodeling project, you may need to acquire a permit (or several permits) before you start. You won’t normally need to take care of this yourself when you hire a contractor, and they will usually handle this as part of the job. But if you’re taking on a project on your own, this is something you’ll need to do on your own. Skipping this step completely in order to save time and money can end up being a costly mistake. You could receive a citation, or you may even need to stop your project altogether until you do obtain the necessary permits. Save yourself the hassle and added expense by just finding out what permits you need before you start your project.


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