How to save money on lawn care expenses

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Collectively, homeowners in the United States spend approximately $27 billion annually caring for their lawns. If you own a home, you’re probably aware that all the small costs that go into maintaining a lawn can add up rather quickly. The following are some ways for cutting down on those lawn care expenses.

Water the grass less frequently

Not only will watering your lawn less frequently cut down on your water bill, but overwatering can lead to too much growth, which can result in weeds. Try to stick to only one inch of water weekly. Additionally, the time of the day matters, too. The optimal time to water your lawn is early in the morning, before the afternoon heat evaporates it.

Opt for a manual push mower

With a gas-powered mower, you’ll have to worry about gas costs, in addition to extra maintenance that manual push mowers don’t need.

Don’t throw away grass clippings

They may be unsightly at first, but grass clippings decompose quickly and will help to return the nutrients and moisture to your lawn, which will improve its overall appearance and keep it looking healthier longer.

Don’t cut your grass too short

Keeping your grass at least 3 inches tall will help keep it healthier because it wastes less energy trying to get sunlight. Additionally, longer grass helps with water retention.

Explore herbicide alternatives

The harsh chemicals used to kill weeds are not only toxic to the environment, but they can be expensive. Instead, use dish soap and vinegar to combat weeds.

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