How to save money on furniture

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The cost of furnishing a home can quickly add up, even if you’re shopping for moderately priced pieces. The cost can really add up if you’ve been living in a smaller place, such as an apartment, and you just bought a large house. Although you might not be starting entirely from scratch, it can sure feel like it. Whether you’re replacing just one item, furnishing a room, or you’ve got a whole home to decorate, the following tips can help you cut down on your furniture shopping costs:

Outlet stores and clearance warehouses

From budget furniture stores to upscale retailers, there’s a good chance that your favorite furniture chain store has an outlet store or clearance warehouse—or several throughout the country. Find out if there are any near you and be sure to check them out regularly to see what they have in stock. A lot of the pieces you’ll find are either very gently used, previous display items, or furniture items that needed to be returned because they were damaged during shipping or delivery. While some of these pieces might have noticeable cosmetic defects, oftentimes they can be easily fixable, and you’ll likely receive a good discount. Other pieces might be practically brand new and with nothing wrong, but they were simply returned by the original buyers for various reasons, such as a change of heart or discovering upon delivery that the furniture doesn’t fit in their space. Even with items that have no issues, you could still save big time. And since you’ll be buying the actual item you’re looking at, you could also be saving on delivery costs if you have a vehicle large enough to fit the item in.

Shop online

Online shopping is a great way to save money, because you can easily compare prices for similar items, and from many different retailers in a matter of minutes. Furniture is no exception, and while you might find that online prices are the same in-store, there are occasions when savings are offered exclusively to online shoppers. Shipping costs can be expensive whenever you’re ordering heavy items (such as furniture), but this is likely an expense you won’t be able to get around anyway, even if you purchased your furniture in a physical storefront. Unless you are buying your furniture from a clearance warehouse, you won’t be purchasing the actual item you’re looking at because those are just display pieces. A brand new piece will ship from the retailer’s warehouse to your home, and regardless of whether you buy in-person or online, you’ll usually need to pay shipping.

Used furniture

If you’re open-minded to buying furniture that may have been used by someone for a long time, you can furnish an entire home for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy everything from a store. You can check online, and order directly from people on websites like eBay, or you could arrange a local pickup by finding what you need on sites like Craigslist. In fact, many people on Craigslist post notifications when they are putting furniture and other unwanted items outside of their home, free for anyone to take. There may not necessarily be anything wrong with the items that people are leaving out, but they simply don’t have a need for them anymore and don’t have the time to sell them or toss them—they just need someone to take these unwanted things off their hands. Thrift stores and garage sales are also other great places to find home décor items—from large pieces of furniture, to small little trinkets that can give your home some extra flair.


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