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If you own a home, you may or may not be financially responsible for your lawn. While maintaining your own lawn can be fun and an opportunity to get creative, it can also get expensive. After all, it’s often one of the expenses that just comes with homeownership. If you’re looking for some ways to cut down on the costs of lawn maintenance, try some of the following:

Opt for perennials

Are you looking to give your lawn a pop of color with some flowers? Avoid planting annuals, which will only last for the season and then die, and thus needing to be replanted year after year. With perennials, you only need to plant the bulbs once and they’ll bloom on their own each year when it’s the season. This saves both time and money.

Plant shade trees

It can be expensive to plant trees outside of your home, but they sure do give your property some great curb appeal. Although it may not save on the actual cost of your lawn care, planting the right kind of trees can save you money overall. Shade trees that are somewhat close to your home can keep it cooler, and if you live in a tropical climate or an area that’s prone to very harsh summers, you can save money on your air conditioning costs.

Use a push mower

Unless you have physical limitations that make it difficult, opt for a push mower instead of a riding mower. It may require more work, but it will cost substantially less—and not just the upfront cost, but the long-term cost as well. As an added bonus, it gets you moving a bit more and allows you to get in some extra exercise.

Don’t overwater

Unless your area is experiencing a long drought, you could possibly be overwatering your lawn, which can be wasteful and cost you more money. When it hasn’t rained all week, be sure to give your lawn a good weekly watering, rather than daily. Generally, lawns only need about one inch of water weekly.


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