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Selling a home can be a complex process, especially if you’re trying to sell property in area where the market isn’t doing so well. Whether you’re flipping an investment property or you’ve just decided it’s time to move on and sell your home, the following tips can help:

Fix anything major

If you have an older home, you may be better off leaving it as it is if there aren’t any significant issues, as many homebuyers these days look for “fixer upper” homes. But regardless of your home’s age, if there are any problems that may raise some red flags during the home inspection, you may want to take care of them before you even put your home on the market. It’s one thing if a home needs some renovations when it comes to the aesthetics, but if there are huge and expensive problems—for example, asbestos that needs to be removed or a roof that needs to be completely replaced—it can affect the sale of your home. You may have a hard time finding a buyer that is willing to take on such an expensive and time-consuming project, and even if you do, that means you will lose out when it comes to the selling price. Instead, consider making the investment ahead of time and before you even list your home, and you will likely recoup that money when you sell.

Host open houses

In addition to having your home available for scheduled showings, you’ll also want to host open house events—ideally, every weekend until you sell. It may not be ideal to constantly have strangers in your home, but the more often you show it—particularly, through an open house where homebuyers can just pop in during event hours and without making an appointment—the better your chances are of receiving an offer.

Stage your home

From tours to open house events, once your home is on the market, you have to be prepared for showings. This goes beyond keeping your home spic and span and free of odors, but it also means staging your home as well. Because buyers like to picture themselves in a home before they make an offer, it’s important to make your home as neutral as you can and put away anything that personalizes your home. This includes family photos, extra furniture that can make a space look too cluttered, and so on. Think neat, clean, and simple.

Offer incentives

Another way to get your home listing to stand out, especially if you have a lot of competition, is to offer some incentives. For example, you may want to consider including those brand new kitchen appliances you just bought, or you can take it a step further by offering assistance with the closing costs.

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