9 tips for staging a home, continued

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Aside from ensuring your home is completely spic-and-span and free of odors, the following are some other tips for staging a home:

Avoid confusion

For some homes—particularly larger ones—there might be certain rooms that are not designated for any particular purpose, which can be confusing for homebuyers. Make sure that each room is clearly decorated for its intended purpose, and that it’s not just being represented as a multi-purpose or “anything goes” space.

Clean the walls

Walls are frequently overlooked when it comes to cleaning. But removing stains (and painting over the pesky, hard-to-remove ones) is an easy and cheap way to brighten up your home, instantly giving it a cleaner and more polished look. Pay special attention to bathroom walls, which tend to get grimy easily. 

Set up your dining room table

Many dining room tables are completely bare between meals, so if yours isn’t already set up completely, change that when it’s time for a showing. A beautifully set up dining room table is just another opportunity to make your home more enticing.

Give awkward spaces a purpose

Homebuyers will always be on the lookout for any potential problems, so if you have any awkward spaces in your home, be sure to decorate them so that they have a purpose. For example, if you have an odd-shaped staircase that takes up a lot of room underneath, turn it into a small office or cozy reading space. This can help to transform any awkward space into fun, quirky areas.


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