9 tips for a successful moving sale, continued

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Here’s how you can get the most out of your moving sale:

Sell on the weekend

Including Friday in the late afternoon and early evening hours, you’ll want to host your moving sale throughout the duration of the weekend. Specify the hours of your sale when you advertise it, and be prepared for people arriving a bit early.

Check the weather

Try not to save your moving sale for the very last possible minute, just in case there will be bad weather that weekend. You’ll want to select a weekend that has a good weather forecast, but even then, you’ll need to be prepared. Get some sheets of plastic beforehand to cover your items in case some unexpected bad weather comes your way. But if you have a garage, try to have it emptied prior to your moving sale, so you can move the sale inside, if necessary.

Sell your remaining items online

Before you toss any unsold items in the trash, list them on sites like eBay or Amazon first. You might also want to try to list them individually on Craigslist.

Make sure the location is convenient and easily accessible

Selling right outside your home might be easiest for you, but you’ll want to cater to your potential customers. Whether you sell on your own property or elsewhere, ensure that there is plenty of space to set up your belongings, that the space you’re using won’t violate any city codes, and that there is plenty of parking for your potential customers.

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