5 tips for creating a resume

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Did you know that the average employer receives approximately 250 responses for every job ad they post? That’s a lot of competition. Even if you’re the perfect fit for the job, you likely won’t get a chance for an interview if your resume doesn’t shine. You need to send a resume that presents the best of what you have to offer. Your goal is to get to that next level and get asked to come in for an interview, and it all starts with a terrific resume. Some tips for creating a great resume include:

Stick to proper formatting

Even if your resume contains some great text, it might get overlooked completely if you fail to format it properly. You should pick a basic font and not set it too big or small (stick between sizes 10 and 14) and your resume should only be one or two pages. Don’t make a decorative resume; avoid using colors, photographs, backgrounds, or fancy fonts.

Highlight your best traits

This is your moment to stand out, so including all of your job history, experience, and training that is applicable to the position you are applying for is often unnecessary—especially if you have many years of experience. Instead, highlight the best, which will help ensure that it’s not overlooked. While your resume should be informative and descriptive, it’s also important to remember that a lot of hiring mangers don’t have the time or patience to read through lengthy resumes. Additionally, avoid using large blocks of text—stick to bullet points, which are easier on the eyes. Search the Internet to find resume templates that you can use as a guide, and pick one that best suits job applicants for your industry.

Include specific keywords

These days, just about everything is done electronically, and job posting is no exception. Because it just takes a click of a mouse to apply for a job and send off a resume, companies commonly seek other solutions to sort through the resumes they are often bombarded with. More businesses are using software that will automatically sort through the attachments and emails they receive to see if certain keywords and phrases have been included. Resumes without these sought after words are automatically deleted without ever being opened, which helps hiring managers save a lot of time since they won’t have to manually weed out insufficient resumes. It would be a shame to automatically be pulled from the running for a position that you may be absolutely perfect for, so be sure that your resume contains all possible words or phrases that you think an employer in your field might be looking for.



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