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Many job candidates focus so much on how they should perform during an interview and what they should do and say, that they often overlook what not to do. Some of these are obvious things that can immediately be a deal breaker for many hiring managers, whereas others can be a lot easier to overlook. If you have a job interview coming up, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t: 

Show up too early

Arriving for your job interview on time is essential, and in order to plan for this, you might end up being early. But unless you’re just a few minutes early, you don’t want to actually go inside and mention that you’ve arrived for your interview that’s still 30 minutes or an hour away. If the interviewer knows you’ve showed up extra early for your interview and you’re just waiting outside, this can make things feel awkward and rushed. This can also give off the impression that you’re overly eager or pushy. If you show up very early, just take the time to prepare some more for your interview inside of your car, or at a nearby coffee shop.

Have poor body language

Pay attention to your body language while you’re being interviewed, as this is something that many interviewers forget to think about and can often convey distraction, defensiveness, anxiety, and so on. You want to appear confident and attentive. Sit up straight, offer a firm handshake, smile, and make eye contact. Avoid slouching, fidgeting, and crossing your arms.

Talk badly about a current or former employer

During a job interview, you’ll almost always be asked about other jobs you’ve had—whether they ask about your current job and why you’re exploring other opportunities, or about your past jobs. Even if things ended badly with your former job or you hate where you currently work, you don’t need to share any negative feelings you have towards past and current employers. It’s unprofessional to talk badly about anyone you’ve worked for, so think of better ways to answer these questions without talking down on current and former employers.

Leave your phone on

Turn off your phone and forget about it during the interview. If you forget to power it down, and it rings or sends you notifications during your interview, it can be rude and distracting.

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