How to cut down on veterinary expenses

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If you have a pet, you’re likely aware that veterinary expenses can quickly add up, and can sometimes cost as much as your own medical expenses. Because some of these costs can catch you off-guard, it can be easy to suddenly find yourself in a lot of debt, especially if you don’t have an emergency fund. From routine visits to life-threatening emergencies, the following are some tips for cutting down on veterinary expenses:

Routine vet visits

Veterinarian costs can vary widely from one practice to the next, even within the same area. Before just choosing the vet closest to you for your pet’s routine vaccinations and annual visits, call around first and compare prices. Some veterinarians will offer routine visits and vaccinations at a very low cost. Additionally, you may be able to get your pet’s annual vaccinations at your local pet store for a fraction of the cost.


From preventative medicine to treatment for an illness, this cost can be substantial when you’re talking long-term. Avoid purchasing these medications from your veterinarian if possible. Instead, try a verified online pet pharmacy, such as 1-800-PetMeds. With a prescription from your vet’s office, you can usually order just about any medication that they’d have available, but at a better price. If ordering your pet’s medication isn’t an option and you need to purchase it from the vet, ask if there are cheaper generic versions available.


If you’re getting your pet neutered or spayed, look into local programs that will match you up with clinics who provide this service at a low cost, or for free. For other surgeries, try to get the first available appointment in the morning. This can help to lower your bill because it will decrease your pet’s chances of needing to stay overnight. If your pet needs a sudden emergency surgery, ask if it’s possible to make smaller payments over time. Although this won’t help to lower the actual expense of your pet’s surgery, a payment plan can help make the overall cost more manageable.

Consider pet insurance

If you’re hoping to substantially cut down on vet costs, consider purchasing a pet insurance plan. For a small monthly payment, you can receive coverage for your pet’s vaccinations, annual visits, and emergencies. You have the option of purchasing your own pet care health plan, but find out if this is a benefit that is offered through your job. More and more employers are offering pet insurance as part of their benefits package, and often at very low prices.

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