How to cut down on pet ownership costs

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Pets can bring a lot of joy, and while they offer a tremendous amount of companionship, it also means additional costs to budget for. Pets are an ongoing expense, and you have to consider the cost of food, vet care, and grooming, just to a name a few. But some of the following ways can help you lower these costs:

Vet expenses

When it comes to caring for a pet, vet expenses are some of the most significant. Even just annual checkups and routine vaccinations can add up, but you also need to be financially prepared for the possibility of emergency situations, which can be very expensive.

Food and treats

There are ways you can cut down on food expenses for your pet, but without sacrificing nutrition or quality. Cheaper options may not be the solution, especially if your pet is sensitive to specific foods or has any allergies. One way you can save money on food that is good for your pet is by purchasing in bulk. Larger bags can be a bit of an annoyance, but separating it into smaller food containers can make things easy and also help eliminate additional trips to the pet store. Manufacturer and store coupons can also help you save money on both treats and foods. If you like to cook, check out your local bookstore—there are now even recipe books for healthy pet food and treats! This can be a fun way to make fresh food and treats for your pet, which can be more cost-effective.


Depending on the type of pet you have, you’ll have to factor in grooming expenses. Taking your pet to a professional groomer on a routine basis can be expensive; instead, consider doing your pet’s grooming yourself and at home. You may need some practice and patience, and you’ll also need to buy the grooming tools. But this small investment will pay for itself in no time.

Don’t buy non-essentials

Avoid impulse purchases when it comes to items your pet doesn’t really need. Extra toys when you already have a ton at home, or a novelty collar that is three times as much as the other collars are all unnecessary purchases that can add up quickly.

Boarding expenses

Hiring a pet sitter or boarding a pet can be expensive whenever you leave town, so try asking a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member if he or she can pet sit while you’re on vacation. Some people may be hesitant to watch your pet at their own home, so offer for them to stay at yours. If they also have a pet, you can offer to return the favor for whenever they go on vacation. If there isn’t anyone who can watch your pet for you, try asking your veterinarian if they offer boarding. Usually, this will cost substantially less than kennels and pet hotels.

Carefully consider the type of pet

If you don’t have a pet yet, but you’re shopping around for one, be sure to carefully consider the type of pet you want and think about the costs. Exotic pets, in addition to dogs and cats, tend to be more expensive to care for rather than smaller, caged animals, such as hamsters and rabbits.

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