4 money-saving tips this summer

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Family Barbecuing Hotdogs


Spring may have just begun, but many people are already thinking about and planning for the summer. For many people, this means time off from work and school, vacations, road trips, backyard parties, and more. While summertime can mean a lot of fun memories, it can also mean spending more money. The following tips, however, can help you save some money this summer:

Family fun

With the kids out of school, it likely means more family activities and outings. Be sure to take advantage of child pricing and student discounts when you plan activities, and take advantage of places in your town that offer free admission to kids. Also remember to check your weekly newspaper for promotions and coupons, which can help you save money on fun things to do in the area.

Air conditioning

When temperatures go up, so do utility bills. You’ll likely be running your air conditioning a lot more during the summer, and while an increase in energy usage might be inevitable, there are still some ways you can cut down on these costs. For one, you’ll want to make sure your home is properly insulated and that any holes or cracks in your home are sealed. If cold air escapes and warm air gets inside, it can be very difficult to get your home down to an ideal temperature, and it can cause your air conditioning unit to work much harder. Additionally, consider installing ceiling fans in rooms that you use frequently, if you haven’t already. With ceiling fans, you’ll be able to cut down on your air conditioning usage, and possibly do without it sometimes.


Do you have a trip planned this summer? Unfortunately, so do a lot of other people. As a result, this not only means crowds and limited availability, but it usually means higher prices as well. Opt for destinations in other parts of the world that are experiencing an off-season, and you’ll likely save big bucks. You could also consider a fall trip instead, which could be significantly cheaper than a summer trip.


Whether you’re known for hosting neighborhood barbeques in the summer, or you like to have friends and family a lot, the costs of summertime grilling can add up over the months. There are some ways to cut back on costs, however. First, consider the type of food you’ll grill; for example, different cuts and types of meat will cost substantially less than others. You can also suggest a potluck-style barbeque, and ask that guests bring a side dish of their choice, and you’ll take care of the main dish.

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