Money talks every couple should have before getting married

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Between wedding details and honeymoon planning, talking about financials with your fiancée may be the last thing on your mind. After all, it’s not the most romantic topic, but it’s crucial to discuss certain things before tying the knot. Figuring out your finances before you get married is always better than after the fact. If you’re already living with your soon-to-be spouse, you may already have some of these things taken care of, but otherwise, you’ll want to discuss the following:

How your money will be shared

Not all married couples share their money, so you’ll want to come to an understanding before you two get married. The last thing you want to do is disagree about how the money will be shared after you’re already married. You may decide to share everything, keep everything separate, or perhaps even work out a compromise between the two. If you decide to keep some or all of your finances separate, you’ll want to decide who will be responsible for what, and how expenses will be divided. 

How your money will be spent

A lot of people don’t know much about their significant other’s spending habits until they’re actually married. Maybe you’re an impulse spender and your partner is big on saving, or vice versa. Discuss the differences and similarities between your spending habits now, which can help you avoid any unwanted surprised once you’re married. If you realize that you both have very different spending habits, you can compromise by working out a budget and spending plan that is practical, yet makes you both happy.


If you’re in a lot of debt and your credit is poor, you’ll want to come clean about it before you get married. You’ll also want to ask your soon-to-be spouse about his or her credit situation. If one of you has a lot of debt, or you both do, you can begin working on a debt elimination plan together.

Prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the wealthy, and you have to determine if you should have one before you’re married. Whether you’re considering a prenuptial agreement or your partner is, this is a topic that you’ll want to address as soon as possible.

Financial emergencies

You’re about to commit to spending the rest of your life together, and while it’s a joyous time, you also need to think ahead and about the future. Anything can happen and it’s important to be prepared for financial emergencies. An accident, illness, or job loss can affect your finances, so be sure to keep an emergency fund in mind when you’re building your new budget together.

Milestones and special moments

Preparing for the future means more than just being ready for a financial emergency—but it also means planning for special moments and big milestones. Vacations, having children, and purchasing a home are just some of the many things that soon-to-be married couples need to discuss and plan for financially—especially if you’re planning for any of these things soon after getting married.


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