How much does a night at the movies really cost?

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Remember the days when seeing a new release every weekend was tradition? With the increase of movie theater tickets, you may have been cutting down on those nights out at the movies. But it doesn’t just end at the admission price. If you’ve been looking at ways to cut down on your entertainment expenses, you should examine just how much an average night at the movies may end up costing you. In the end, you may want to just wait until those blockbuster hits are available to rent.

Average cost of movie tickets

Recent statistics reveal that the average movie theater ticket cost in the United States is $8.12. Of course, this varies by location and theater. You can expect to spend more (even double) for “upgraded” features, such as 3d movies or premiere seating. And more and more theaters are doing away completely with student discounts.

Snack bar costs

The average cost of a soda is approximately $4.00, with popcorn coming in at $6.00.

Miscellaneous costs

Depending on where your go-to movie theater is located and how far it is from you, you may also be looking at miscellaneous expenses. Some of these include parking fees, transportation costs, and gas expenses.

The total cost

Let’s take a family of four who only goes to the movie theater once a month and buys standard seating, purchases four separate drinks, and shares two popcorns. The average cost that that family might be spending annually in just movie theater expenses is approximately $720—or $60 per outing. Add in transportation costs, some extra snack bar purchases, upgraded seating, and more frequent outings and that number can easily double or triple.

Cut down on costs

A night out at the movies is sometimes more than just seeing a new film—it’s about the night out. As such, you may not want to completely eliminate movie outings from your entertainment budget, and you don’t necessarily have to—even if you’re looking to save more. Buying tickets in bulk from membership clubs and joining your local theater’s rewards program, for instance, are just some of the many ways you can cut down on the costs of movie theater outings.

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