How does price matching work?

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You’re shopping for a specific product and you find it a nearby retailer, but you remember seeing it advertised or being sold online by a competitor for a lower price. Sometimes, you’ll have just two options: just pay the higher price tag so that you can buy the item and be done with it, or just go to that other store (or order online) so that you can save money by getting the better price. But depending on where you found the higher-priced item, you may have a third option: price matching. Stores participating in price matching will match any better offers you’ve found—to a certain extent, and as long as you can provide proof of the lower price (i.e. store circular, website, etc.) From electronics to groceries, more and more retailers are participating in price match policies, giving consumers the opportunity to receive the best available price. However, bear in mind that each store has their own price matching policies, and you’ll want to verify the specific terms and conditions of the store you’re shopping at. There are often limitations, exclusions, and other regulations set in place for every price matching policy. There are also some great benefits to taking advantage of a store’s price matching policy, so consider both the pros and cons. Although it will depend on the exact retailer, you can commonly come across the following when price matching merchandise:

Saving even more money

Some retailers won’t just price match the lowest offer you found—they’ll even beat it by a percentage to ensure that they’ll get your business and that you won’t shop at a competitor.

Sales and clearance items might be excluded

You want to buy a specific television at one store, but remember that another store is selling at a cheaper price. If that cheaper price is not an every day price, though, and is actually a sale price, you might not be able to receive a price matching deal. In this case, you’d just want to purchase the item on sale at the other store in order to save. 

Certain stores

Some stores will only price match for specific competitors and online retailers, so the lower price you found at another store might not qualify. Many stores are particularly restrictive when it comes to price matching something you found online.

After your purchase

Have you ever bought something from one store, only to discover that days later it went on sale at a competing retailer? This can certainly be frustrating, but some stores will honor sale prices after you’ve made a purchase up to a certain amount of time—and this includes price matching other stores’ sales, too. 

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