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While some retailers might have set prices that are not up for negotiation, a lot of sticker prices are not final prices. While this will certainly depend on where you’re shopping and what you’re buying, you may be able to haggle your way to a better price. Next time you’re making a large purchase and hoping to get a good deal, keep the following in mind: 

Talk to a manager

If you’re trying to haggle on a price at a store, bear in mind that not all sales associates will have the authority to lower prices, but a manager may be able to. If you’re unable to receive a lower price on an expensive item, ask if there is a manager on duty and speak with him or her.

Make an offer

If you’re unable to receive a better price on the item, make an offer that can also benefit the seller, and the seller may reconsider. For instance, offer to buy more merchandise or offer to pay in cash. Depending on what you’re buying, the seller may be more willing to work something out with you if you throw in an enticing incentive.

Keep shopping

Not all items for sale are negotiable, but for those that are, don’t be afraid to walk away if you’re unhappy with the final offer. When it comes to things like cars, for instance, you usually don’t want to accept the first good offer you receive anyway, and it’s best to shop around. And when it looks like you’re about to walk away from the deal completely, many salespersons will be more willing to match the price you wanted.

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