5 things you should never have to pay full price for

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Sales and bargains come and go, but when it comes to certain purchases, you can almost always get away with paying less than retail. If you’re looking to save some money (who isn’t?), then never pay full price for the following:


All sorts of purchases are negotiable, and when it comes to cars, haggling is to be expected. As such, you should never have to pay the MSRP for a car, and dealerships know this. How good of a deal you could get is one thing, but you can almost always be sure of getting a better price just by simply asking.

Clothing, shoes, and accessories

Whether you’re looking to add to your collection, or your wardrobe needs a complete overhaul, there’s no need to pay full price, ever. Just about every brand and store will have some type of sale or promotion going on—you just have to know where to look. In some cases, the clearance and sale items can be stashed in the back of the store. Other times, sales might only be available online. You might also need to visit an outlet mall in order to find your favorite stuff at discount prices, but the savings can be worth the trip.

Shipping and online purchases

While the actual price of the item might not be something you can get around, one thing you should never have to pay for is shipping, which can help lower your costs overall. Plenty of sites offer free shipping, and those that don’t will usually have promos for free shipping, or low minimum order requirements set in place.


Have you ever passed up on taking advantage of a great money-saving coupon or sale for a particular product, because you already had it at home? Just about every product you buy will be on sale or have a money-saving coupon available at some point—the key is stocking up whenever there are sales and/or available coupons, so that you’ll never have to pay full price for these things.


Does it matter if your college textbooks aren’t brand spankin’ new? Unless you don’t have a choice because that’s all you can find, always opt for used textbooks and you’ll pay a fraction of what they would cost new. If your college bookstore is sold out, be sure to always check online before purchasing the new (and much pricier) versions.

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