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An open box item (not to be confused with a refurbished item) is a product, often an electronic, that is being resold after another customer returned it. Because they’re previously owned, these products are often steeply discounted. They are usually gently used—sometimes they were never used at all. As such, open box items are usually in very good condition. Although purchasing a product that is being sold as an open box item can save you a lot of money, it’s also important to note the following:

Return policy

Because you’re buying an item that has already been returned once before, you’ll want to find out if it can be returned again. Some stores will accept returns on open box items, others might for a limited time only, and some might not accept any returns at all on open box items. These policies will vary by store, and it’s good information to know ahead of time. Even if it’s a bargain, you don’t want to be stuck with a pricy item if you do end up changing your mind.

Condition of the item

Open box items are generally in good condition, but you’ll want to find out about the condition of the specific item you’re considering. Also, while the functional condition might be fine, there are possibilities that the item might have some cosmetic issues. Even if these issues are minor, you’ll want to know about them. Carefully inspect the item’s condition prior to purchasing it, especially if the item is non-refundable.

Warranty information

Is the manufacturer warranty still valid since the item was previously owned? This is another important question you’ll want to ask, and if the warranty is void, it could be a potential deal breaker. If the item is very expensive and the discount isn’t that significant, you might be better off just spending a little bit more to purchase the item brand new and with a valid manufacturer warranty.

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