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In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the common reasons that many people decide to start budgeting their money. If you currently aren’t on a budget, but have been considering the idea of creating one, the following are some common reasons why you might need to create one as soon as possible:  Retirement […]

Everyone has their own reason for starting a budget, but everyone who implements and sticks to a budget usually has a shared goal in mind: to save more money. If you haven’t been sticking to a budget, the following are some examples of common situations that might prompt you to reevaluate your spending habits: Marital […]

It already takes a lot of discipline to create a budget and stick to it, but moving in with a significant other will usually call for a complete budget redesign and a lot more work and effort. After all, it’s not just your own saving and spending habits that matter anymore, but your partner’s as […]