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Between gas costs, insurance, car payments, and other unavoidable expenses that often come with owning (or even leasing) a car, you may have contemplated giving up your car altogether. But depending on the area you live in and where you work, this may not be an easy option. Even if public transportation options are limited, […]

Falling behind on loan payments and applying for credit may be some of the more obvious things that can affect your credit score, but they aren’t the only things. Some of the following are surprising ways you may be hurting your credit: Unpaid parking tickets Even just a single parking ticket that you forgot about […]

The following tips can help you cut down on car rental costs: Prepay If you know your travel plans aren’t changing, find out if prepaying offers a discount. A lot of car rental companies will offer lower rates to customers who pay for the rental car when they initially make their reservation. Check out smaller […]

Renting a car can be a great way to explore a destination on your own when you’re on vacation; it’s also more convenient for some people when they just need an easy way to get from point A to point B, whether traveling for business or pleasure. The cost of a rental car tends to […]