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Sales and bargains come and go, but when it comes to certain purchases, you can almost always get away with paying less than retail. If you’re looking to save some money (who isn’t?), then never pay full price for the following: Cars All sorts of purchases are negotiable, and when it comes to cars, haggling […]

Quitting your job to take care of your child can be more than just a rewarding experience—it can also help you save money. Although you’ll have one less salary in your household, you have to calculate the costs of childcare. For many families, it might not be worth keeping your job after you factor in […]

Shopping for used items is a great way to save money when it comes to certain products, especially for things that are in like-new condition and are a fraction of the cost. Although you might want to opt for new when it comes to certain purchases—for example, expensive purchases that have non-transferable warranties—there are other […]

Do you constantly feel like you’re coming up with excuses and different reasons why you can’t save more money? Maybe you’ve got your budget down to a science and you’ve cut out all unnecessary spending, but the bills are still overwhelming and don’t leave much money left for your savings. Evaluating your current bills and […]

Are you planning a road trip? A road trip can be an exciting way to see new places, and from a different perspective. Even if your travel budget is tight, you can still have an enjoyable and memorable road trip. The following tips can help you save money on your next road trip: Go during […]

Although some monthly bills are fixed expenses that can’t be changed, others vary greatly, and can potentially be much lower with planning and budgeting. The following tips can help lower some of your monthly expenses: Auto expenses Instead of bringing your car to a carwash, wash it on your own when you can. This can […]

Saving enough money to cover your expenses and bills for a few months (between three and six months is ideal) is crucial. You never hope to need the money from an emergency fund, but if a situation ever arises, you’ll be happy that it’s there. There are a lot of “what ifs” that could become […]

You may know that having a good credit score and a clean driving record are surefire ways to landing a great insurance rate, but there other little-known ways that you could save even more on your car insurance payments. Married drivers Because statistics have revealed that married drivers tend to get in fewer car accidents […]