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Transferring a high-interest credit card balance onto another credit card with more favorable terms might seem like a no-brainer. While transferring credit card balances can be a good way to cut down on interest charges and help you to pay off debt faster, there are also some things to consider before you do a balance […]

Getting rid of credit card debt can seem like an overwhelming task—especially if you have multiple credit cards. But if you’re ready to be free of credit card debt once and for all, some of the following tips can help: Make more than the minimum payment You can get stuck in what seems like an […]

It can be difficult to realize that you’re spending too much until it’s too late. Some people will allocate a specific amount in their monthly budget that allows for shopping and miscellaneous spending, but even then, you could be spending more than you need to. For example, if you’re doing without certain things that you […]

If you owe a substantial amount of money on one of your credit cards, you may be able to settle for less than what you owe. Not only can this help protect you against a judgment, but it may also help to save your credit score from dropping. Whether you are dealing directly with the […]

A debt collector can only go so far when it comes to contacting a consumer and attempting to collect on an unpaid debt. The following are some signs that a debt collector may be crossing the line and illegally contacting you. Debt collectors are not allowed to use any form of harassment or intimidation as […]

A few money mistakes in your early 20’s can still haunt you well into adulthood, so try to avoid the following money mistakes that college students are often prone to making: Getting into credit card debt College students with limited financial resources are likely to obtain their first credit cards during these years and rack […]

As a college student, it can be easy to forget about the economical aspect of going to school. But as a young adult that is just beginning to get a taste of the real world, it’s important to realize that certain decisions you make, help to build the foundation of your financials for many years […]