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There are so many different things that will affect your credit score, that it can be difficult to know what factors actually don’t have an impact on credit rating. In fact, many consumers are often surprised—whether it’s a huge relief or a bit of disappointment—to learn that some of the following actually have no effect […]

Some of the following reasons that a bankruptcy court might dismiss a case include, but are not limited to: The filer voluntarily requests a dismissal Bankruptcy isn’t the answer for everyone, and some people realize this after they’ve already filed and the process is underway. There are a number of reasons why somebody might want […]

Often as a last resort, many consumers will turn to bankruptcy to settle debt troubles and to start over with a clean slate. Alas, not all bankruptcy filings are successful, and there are situations in which the court will dismiss them altogether instead of canceling or discharging debts. Although dismissals can occur in any type […]