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It’s always a good idea for any consumer to be a savvy shopper and save money where they can, but it is especially important for retirees to monitor their spending, stick to a budget, and make their purchase decisions wisely. After all, as a retiree, your financial situation is different than when you were working […]

If you’re looking to cut back on miscellaneous expenses, check out your local library and get a free library card, if you haven’t already. A lot of people are surprised to learn about all of the free things that are available at libraries, even with the amount of free information that is available on the […]

Credit cards are often portrayed in a negative way. After all, they can cause people to spend way more money than they should, which can result in a lot of debt. And then there are those interest fees, and some credit cards impose annual fees, too. But there are some benefits to consider when it […]

Everyone loves a good deal, but you have been missing out on any of the following discounts? These bargains are frequently overlooked by consumers, but can help you save a bundle:  Coupons A lot of savvy bargain shoppers know to check their local newspaper and the Internet for coupons, but if that is all you […]

If you have a credit card that offers rewards, you likely know that your transactions give you points, and that points can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, dining, and more. But you might have access to other perks that you aren’t even aware of. Depending on the specifics of your card’s reward program, you may […]

Whether you just bought a new place or you’re getting ready to upgrade some of the major appliances around your home, you’re likely aware of the fact that the costs can quickly add up. With some careful planning and shopping around, however, you can score some deep discounts on certain major home appliances. Look out […]