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Are you getting a tax refund this year? It can be tempting to spend it all on a lavish shopping spree or luxurious vacation, but it may not be the best decision if you have other financial responsibilities hanging over your head. The following are some ways you may want to consider putting your tax […]

Filing your taxes can be a mundane task, especially if it’s a task you’re tackling completely on your own. It can be tempting to just forget about it once it’s over, but re-consider before you start shredding documents. In case of a tax audit, you’ll want to be prepared with the necessary documentation. Additionally, having […]

The following are some of the most common tax myths debunked:   Myth: Itemizing is required for tax deductionsFact: Not necessarily. Certain tax deductions will require itemizing, but not all. On your federal form 1040, you can find a list of various items that you can deduct in the Adjusted Gross Income section, that don’t […]

Taxes can be such a complex subject, but if you earn any type of income, it is something that you will inevitably have to deal with every year. There also tends to be a lot of confusion when it comes to taxes, and unfortunately, these misunderstanding can sometimes lead to tax audits or other legal […]

At tax time each year,  many people may wonder if they are better off filing their own taxes or paying a fee and having a professional take care of them. There isn’t, however, one simple answer as to which is necessarily the “better” option. The fact of the matter is, everyone’s tax situation is unique, […]