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When it comes to student loans, there is a lot of information to take in—especially for a new college student who is exploring their financing options for the first time, or a new graduate who has just started paying off their student loan debt. With all of the different information out there, it can be […]

  There is so much to prepare for financially when it comes to college, and the cost of tuition is easily the largest expense for any student to budget for. Although tuition costs continue to rise, college can still be affordable, with some of the following tips that can help to lower your tuition expenses: […]

Whether you’re already in college or you’re about to enroll, you should explore your options for financial aid if you haven’t already. Many students are surprised to find out that they qualify for some type of financial assistance, so even if you think you aren’t eligible, it’s certainly worth applying for. Depending on your eligibility, […]

Have you considered borrowing money to help pay for college, or do you already owe thousands of dollars in student loans? Whether you’re just beginning to explore student loan options or you’re currently repaying debt from a student loan, the following are some helpful, yet little-known student loan facts: You can potentially eliminate or lower […]

If you’ve been exploring options for college, it’s likely you’ve noticed the difference in pricing between public universities and private universities. Private colleges tend to be much more expensive than public schools, so the question is, are the extra tuition costs worth it? In the end, this is a question that only you can answer […]

The perfect college for one student might not be the right one for you. There are a lot of things to consider; the following are some tips for choosing the ideal college for you: Research the school Many parents and students stress the importance of how selective a school is to get accepted into, but […]

 With all the great schools out there, it can be mindboggling when trying to select one. The perfect college for one student might end up being the wrong one for you. There are a lot of things to consider; the following are some tips for choosing the ideal college for you:  Pick the right location […]

A few money mistakes in your early 20’s can still haunt you well into adulthood, so try to avoid the following money mistakes that college students are often prone to making: Getting into credit card debt College students with limited financial resources are likely to obtain their first credit cards during these years and rack […]

As a college student, it can be easy to forget about the economical aspect of going to school. But as a young adult that is just beginning to get a taste of the real world, it’s important to realize that certain decisions you make, help to build the foundation of your financials for many years […]

The following are some ways you can fund your college education:  Apply for federal financial assistance If you or your family falls into a specific income bracket, you may qualify for financial aid. Financial aid can help to cover some or all of your college expenses, and you can continue to receive this money as […]