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Everyone has their own reason for starting a budget, but everyone who implements and sticks to a budget usually has a shared goal in mind: to save more money. If you haven’t been sticking to a budget, the following are some examples of common situations that might prompt you to reevaluate your spending habits: Marital […]

Shopping for used items is a great way to save money when it comes to certain products, especially for things that are in like-new condition and are a fraction of the cost. Although you might want to opt for new when it comes to certain purchases—for example, expensive purchases that have non-transferable warranties—there are other […]

Whether you’re replacing just one item, furnishing a room, or you’ve got a whole home to decorate, the following tips can help you cut down on your furniture shopping costs: Display items If a furniture store is getting ready to replace their inventory, they’ll need to get rid of their display items first. Oftentimes, they’ll […]

The cost of furnishing a home can quickly add up, even if you’re shopping for moderately priced pieces. The cost can really add up if you’ve been living in a smaller place, such as an apartment, and you just bought a large house. Although you might not be starting entirely from scratch, it can sure […]

   Did you make a New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Whether you’re looking to build or expand a home gym, exercise equipment can be expensive, but there are ways to cut down on these costs. Don’t wait If you’re looking to purchase some exercise equipment, don’t put it off. According to Consumer Reports, January […]

If you want to save some extra cash, you can sometimes do so by spending it the right way. It may sound a bit strange at first, especially if you’re on a tight budget, but there are certain times when spending some money can actually help you save more overall: Durable and high-quality products Think […]

An open box item (not to be confused with a refurbished item) is a product, often an electronic, that is being resold after another customer returned it. Because they’re previously owned, these products are often steeply discounted. They are usually gently used—sometimes they were never used at all. As such, open box items are usually […]

From cars to pricy electronics, expensive purchases often come with the option to buy added protection through an extended warranty. But is this extra protection worth the extra cost, or is it a waste of money? While an extended warranty may end up paying off, more often than not, you may just want to skip […]

You’re saving up for something costly—whether it’s for your home, a gift for someone, or just something for yourself. Suddenly, the item goes on sale, but it’s still pretty expensive and you still don’t have the cash you need to buy it just yet. If you currently don’t have a credit card to use for […]

Whether you’re getting ready for your next shopping haul or have been planning a large purchase, knowing the best times of the year for sales can help you save a bundle and score a terrific bargain. Many items are at the lowest more than once throughout the year; the key is to know which months […]