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Are you shocked every time you look at your electric bill lately? If the monthly charges are much higher than you’re used to paying, or you moved to a new home and you’ve significantly underestimated how much your monthly electric bill would be, it can be very frustrating. After all, if you have a specific […]

There are so many different things that will affect your credit score, that it can be difficult to know what factors actually don’t have an impact on credit rating. In fact, many consumers are often surprised—whether it’s a huge relief or a bit of disappointment—to learn that some of the following actually have no effect […]

Your electric bills can vary from month to month, and certain times of the year (like during the winter or summer) they can almost double—or even triple. Although certain seasons will inevitably bring higher utility bills, there are some simple ways you can lower these expenses: Carefully look through your monthly statements for errors If […]

Do you constantly feel like you’re coming up with excuses and different reasons why you can’t save more money? Maybe you’ve got your budget down to a science and you’ve cut out all unnecessary spending, but the bills are still overwhelming and don’t leave much money left for your savings. Evaluating your current bills and […]

Are you paying too much for the gym each month, or have you thought about joining a gym, but can’t fit the monthly fees into your budget? If you’ve thought about not joining a gym or canceling your current membership in an attempt to just get rid of that extra monthly bill altogether, explore your […]

  If you’re thinking about buying a home in the near future, it’s imperative to remember that there are other costs to think about in addition to the sale price. Some of these overlooked costs of homeownership include: Closing costs Closing costs are often an underestimated, yet inevitable expense of becoming a homeowner. These costs […]

Having enough money in your emergency fund to cover at least three months’ worth of expenses can be a lifesaver if an unexpected situation should ever arise. If you lose your job, for example, having that money can help you to pay your bills and expenses until you find a new job. But saving up […]

Although some monthly bills are fixed expenses that can’t be changed, others vary greatly, and can potentially be much lower with planning and budgeting. The following tips can help lower some of your monthly expenses: Auto expenses Instead of bringing your car to a carwash, wash it on your own when you can. This can […]

Whether it’s repairing your credit or saving up for a long-term goal, improving your personal finance situation usually takes time. But there are some small steps you can take today that can immediately help put you on the right path towards a better financial future. Make a list of goals Many of us know we […]

If you’re somewhat unfamiliar with HOAs and you’re still on the fence, weigh both the pros and cons to determine if a home with an HOA is right for you: The HOA regulates many, many things You’d assume that as the homeowner, you’re in complete control of how your home exterior will look. But if […]