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You’ve been with the same bank for years—but is it time for a change? Changing something you’re used to can be stressful and difficult to do, but sometimes, it’s in your best interest. The following are some signs that it just may be time to switch to a different bank:  They no longer meet your […]

  Whether you decide to stay or go, the following are some ways you could possibly save on your monthly rent: Other tips Whether you’re staying in your current place or you’re moving, one way you can help lower your monthly rent is to sign a longer lease. Traditional leases are usually for 12 months, […]

Your apartment lease is almost up, and you’re trying to decide what to do. Perhaps the rent has been too much the last few months and you’ve struggled to make timely payments, or maybe your landlord is actually increasing the rent. Whether you decide to stay or go, the following are some ways you could […]

We all know that college tuition can be very expensive, but there are often other college expenses that are either underestimated and overlooked completely. The following article highlights some of those expenses, which can help any future college student be more financially prepared. Travel costs If you’re looking at colleges all around the country, you […]

You may have heard about some of the best places in the country, and even throughout the world, for retirement. But if you’re torn about the best place to retire, you may want to begin narrowing your choices down by knowing which places are considered to be some of the worst places for retirement. Lake […]

One thing about moving somewhere new is the financial impact it can have. The following are some financial tips if you plan on moving out-of-state: Take cost of living into consideration Cost of living varies from state to state, so you may be moving to a state where the cost of living will be substantially […]

Moving to a new state can be somewhat scary, but it can be an exciting experience. Depending on how far you go, you may be in for an entirely new change of scenery. It usually means a new job, new place to live, and new friends to make. You may not know anybody or know […]