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You may have heard of loans being described as good debt or bad debt. It can be a bit perplexing—after all, isn’t all debt bad? Not always. In fact, having certain types of debt can actually be good, as it benefits your credit score. Here are some of the differences between bad debt and good […]

Taking out a loan can sometimes be helpful for getting out of a financial jam, but if you’re thinking about any of the following loans, you may want to reconsider. Refund anticipation loans If you’re expecting a tax refund, your tax preparer may have offered you a refund anticipation loan. Although federal regulations have put […]

Even though payday loans can offer borrowers some benefits in certain situations, there are many disadvantages to consider as well. These types of loans can be quite costly, and since the approval requirements are not strict, they make it easy for someone who is already in debt to get into even more trouble financially. While […]