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In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the common reasons that many people decide to start budgeting their money. If you currently aren’t on a budget, but have been considering the idea of creating one, the following are some common reasons why you might need to create one as soon as possible:  Retirement […]

For a lot of people, telecommuting is the optimal work setup. While there are many benefits of working from home, there are also cons to bear in mind. More specifically, there are ways that telecommuting can save you money, and ways that it could cost you money. Many of these potential issues will depend on […]

It can be scary to lose your job, especially if you were completely blindsided and had no idea it was coming. Suddenly losing your job can catch you off-guard and make it difficult to take care of bills and expenses. Because you may be experiencing a mix of emotions right after losing a job as […]

Retirement can be a great time to explore parts of the world you’ve always wanted to visit. Whether you’re planning for long-term travel or just a short vacation, you’ll want to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. There is a lot of pre-vacation preparation that is important for everyone to do, but […]

Traditional mortgages usually require at least 10 percent down in order to qualify. Even if you’re staying on the lower end of your housing budget, coming up with this amount of cash can be difficult. On top of the down payment, there are also the closing costs to budget for, which can make homeownership almost […]

  If you find that you’re always waiting until the last minute to take care of certain things, consider how that can affect your finances. Although procrastination isn’t always a terrible thing, there some things you just don’t want to put off. The following are some ways that procrastination can hurt your finances: Bills Do […]

Have you thought about hiring a financial advisor, but you’re unsure about how it could benefit you? Financial advisors aren’t just for the wealthy, and can help you with a lot of different things, including money management, budgeting, investing, and so on. If you do plan on consulting with a financial advisor, the following are […]

Whether it’s a mortgage or another large loan, paying off a substantial amount of borrowed money can be very liberating. Now that you’ve freed up a lot of extra cash from your monthly budget, you may be wondering what you can do with that money. If you need some ideas, consider the following: Pay off […]

It can be difficult to realize that you’re spending too much until it’s too late. Some people will allocate a specific amount in their monthly budget that allows for shopping and miscellaneous spending, but even then, you could be spending more than you need to. For example, if you’re doing without certain things that you […]

Paying off your mortgage early and being done with those payments seems like a great plan—after all, who wouldn’t want to own their home free and clear? But before you decide to make such a huge decision, consider both the pros and cons of paying off your mortgage early: Advantages Save on interest One of […]