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If you’re shopping for a car, you’ll have a few different options. You might be faced with the option to use the cash you have saved up as a down payment for a pricier car, or to settle for a less expensive car, but without the car loan. Some advantages of purchasing a car in […]

When you decide to lease a car, you sign a contract, and ending that contract early can result in consequences. But if you really need to break a car lease, the following are some ways you might be able to get out of it early, and without penalty: Sell or purchase the car If you […]

   Are you thinking about selling your car? Although you could usually use your car as a trade-in toward a new vehicle and sell it to a dealership, many people prefer to sell their car privately. The following tips can help you sell your car faster, and while also selling it for the best price […]

  If you’re looking to replace your current vehicle, there are some simple tips and tricks that can help boost your car’s resale value. Whether you’re selling your car on your own, to a dealership, or you’re using it as a trade-in, the following can help to maximize its value:  Pull your VIN Report A […]

  The average monthly car payment in the United States ranges anywhere between $380 and $460, but can greatly exceed this amount depending on the cost of the vehicle, your loan terms, and the amount of money you put down. Aside from rent or a mortgage, this can easily be one the largest payments that you […]