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When homeowners default on their home loans and are facing foreclosure, they will often opt for a short sale as an alternative. Short sales are meant to minimize the financial impact that a homeowner can face after falling behind on mortgage loan payments, and while the credit implications may not be as bad as with […]

When you’re behind on your mortgage payments, you risk losing your home to foreclosure. The quicker you take action, the better your odds will be for a favorable outcome. Here’s what you can do if you’ve missed mortgage payments: Take the initiative  If it hasn’t happened already, don’t wait until your mortgage lender begins contacting […]

When someone fails to make timely mortgage payments, they will often lose the home to foreclosure, which means the lender takes possession of the home and the borrower must leave. Foreclosed homes are then usually either sold traditionally, through a real estate agent, or at an auction. A foreclosure can be devastating to any consumer’s […]