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  Spring may have just begun, but many people are already thinking about and planning for the summer. For many people, this means time off from work and school, vacations, road trips, backyard parties, and more. While summertime can mean a lot of fun memories, it can also mean spending more money. The following tips, […]

As a college student, you generally have two choices when summer vacation rolls around—think of it as a vacation and take a break from school, or continue on with your classes. No matter which choice you decide to make, the following are some ideas for saving and making money during the summer. If you’re taking […]

Summer is almost here, and for many, that means a lot of time at the beach and pool. Here’s how you can save on your next swimsuit purchase: Mix and match If you’re a woman looking to buy a two-piece, you can usually get the best deal possible by mixing and matching. Often these pieces […]