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 Creating your own small business venture can be a fun and life-changing experience, but it’s not without its risks. In the beginning, it’s not uncommon to spend more money than you’re bringing in, especially as you establish yourself and begin to build your customer base. That’s why it’s so important in the beginning stages to […]

Student loan debt can take several years to pay off, especially for the average borrower who has approximately $26,000 in debt. It’s not unusual for college graduates to carry that student debt well into their 40s. It can be financially draining to have this much debt hanging over your head for so many years, but […]

There are so many great things about becoming a homeowner, but have you also considered the tax benefits? Whether you already own your home, or you’re just in the beginning stages of the house hunting process, you may be eligible to deduct the following when tax season rolls around: Interest If you’re taking out a […]

The following are some of the most common tax myths debunked:   Myth: Itemizing is required for tax deductionsFact: Not necessarily. Certain tax deductions will require itemizing, but not all. On your federal form 1040, you can find a list of various items that you can deduct in the Adjusted Gross Income section, that don’t […]

Taxes can be such a complex subject, but if you earn any type of income, it is something that you will inevitably have to deal with every year. There also tends to be a lot of confusion when it comes to taxes, and unfortunately, these misunderstanding can sometimes lead to tax audits or other legal […]