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For a lot of people, telecommuting is the optimal work setup. While there are many benefits of working from home, there are also cons to bear in mind. More specifically, there are ways that telecommuting can save you money, and ways that it could cost you money. Whether you’re in between jobs and you’re exploring […]

Quitting your job to take care of your child can be more than just a rewarding experience—it can also help you save money. Although you’ll have one less salary in your household, you have to calculate the costs of childcare. For many families, it might not be worth keeping your job after you factor in […]

Between gas costs, insurance, car payments, and other unavoidable expenses that often come with owning (or even leasing) a car, you may have contemplated giving up your car altogether. But depending on the area you live in and where you work, this may not be an easy option. Even if public transportation options are limited, […]

There’s no denying that moving can be expensive, especially if you’re relocating hundreds (or thousands) of miles away. But many people are surprised at all of the other expenses that tend to pop up during the process. By knowing about some of these expenses ahead of time, you can budget accordingly and won’t be taken […]

More people are working from home these days and enjoying the benefits of telecommuting. Although there are many different advantages to consider by working from home, one of those advantages is that it can help you save money. If you’ve thought about quitting your current job so that you can work from home, taking a […]