6 cheaper accommodation alternatives

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Lodging can easily drive up the cost of any vacation, but it doesn’t have to. If you’re looking to save more money on your next trip, consider some of the following accommodation alternatives, which are frequently cheaper than conventional hotel accommodations:

Vacation rentals

A house on a lake, a villa on the beach, or a cabin in the mountains: these are just some of the unique lodging options available when you decide to go with a vacation rental. These spacious accommodations not only tend to be larger and more unique than conventional hotel rooms, but they often tend to be the same cost or cheaper, when splitting the cost with others. And as an added bonus, you’ll save money on food costs, by having your own kitchen during your vacation, as it will allow you to cook your own food.


Popular hospitality networks, such as CouchSurfing.com, arrange homestays for vacationers that are looking to save big bucks on their next getaway. As the name suggests, this involves sleeping on someone else’s living room couch (or spare room) for an extremely low price. In some cases, people offer up a place to crash absolutely free. This can be a good option for adventurous individuals who are traveling solo and are on a tight budget.


Frequently referred to as “youth hotels,” this form of lodging is often the perfect solution for backpackers and budget travelers that are looking to stay in otherwise expensive destinations. For example, hostels are very common throughout Europe, where they tend to be much cheaper than neighboring hotels and resorts.  They typically involve a shared room; you might be sharing a room with just one other person, much like a college dormitory, or with several different groups of people. However, if a shared room isn’t for you, you still might be able to reap some savings when staying in a private room at a hostel. Although the savings won’t be as significant as they would be by staying in a shared room, the cost will still be much lower than a traditional hotel that’s located nearby.


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