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Are you planning your next trip? Even if you’re planning a luxurious or special vacation—such as a honeymoon—you’re probably still trying to find ways to save money and cut costs wherever possible. After all, who doesn’t like to save money? But even if you are getting a good deal on your trip, there still might be certain things you’re paying a lot more for than you need to, and without knowing that there are cheaper (or free) alternatives. And if you’re traveling on a budget, knowing about these things before your next trip can be especially helpful.

Hotel laundry

Unless the hotel gives guests the opportunity to do their own laundry onsite, you’ll likely pay a lot of money for this service. For the money you’ll be paying to launder your clothing, you’re almost better off going shopping and purchasing some extra clothes that are on sale when the stuff you brought with you gets dirty. You’ll probably break even or you might end up spending just a bit more, but you’ll have some fun souvenirs to take home.


Eating local cuisine and experiencing restaurants with a nice ambiance is a huge part of traveling for many, but if you do this for every single meal, you could easily drive up the cost of your vacation. Opt for a hotel room that has a small or full kitchen—it might not cost as much as you think, or may even be the same price as a room that doesn’t include a kitchen. Visit a local grocery store and buy some food that you can prepare back in your room. This isn’t only a fun way to truly experience the local cuisine, but it can save a lot of money.


Are you saving your souvenir shopping for the airport? You’ll likely pay top dollar, and you’ll also probably end up with something that’s pretty generic. Make it part of your travel plans to find cheaper, authentic, and unique souvenirs from your vacation by shopping local flea markets and smaller family-owned shops. You’ll probably end up with something a lot cooler, and you’ll probably save more money, too.

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