6 things you’re paying too much for when traveling

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Are you planning your next trip? Even if you’re planning a luxurious or special vacation—such as a honeymoon—you’re probably still trying to find ways to save money and cut costs wherever possible. After all, who doesn’t like to save money? But even if you are getting a good deal on your trip, there still might be certain things you’re paying a lot more for than you need to, and without knowing that there are cheaper (or free) alternatives. And if you’re traveling on a budget, knowing about these things before your next trip can be especially helpful.

Whether you’re a novice or avid traveler, the following are some things you might be paying too much for:


When it comes to choosing a hotel, choose wisely if you’ll need Wi-Fi. Some hotels will charge expensive daily—or even hourly rates—to their guests. With all of the different options available, you might be better off finding a hotel that offers free Internet—there are usually plenty available in most cities.

Cruise add-ons

Even worse than paying high rates for in-room Internet when you’re traveling? Paying for Internet on a cruise ship. Not only is this some of the most expensive Internet you’ll pay for when traveling, but the connection is usually very slow. As such, it might take you a long time just to download a single email, which can cost you a lot of money to read. Instead, wait until your cruise ship is docked and find a cheap Internet café near the port. Many restaurants and coffee shops also offer free Wi-Fi to patrons, so wait until you’re having lunch to surf the web.

Another expense to carefully consider before booking is cruise excursions. Evaluate what you’re really getting and how much it’s costing. Many travelers opt for cruise excursions because they like the simplicity and convenience of just planning their activities with the cruise line, and certain excursions may be well worth the extra cost. But a lot of other excursions are simply shuttles and taxi rides to landmarks and other points of interest—the exact same taxicabs you could hire yourself once you get off the ship. The only difference is that you’ll pay a lot more by booking with the cruise line.

Extra airline fees

You think you found great airfare, so you go ahead and lock in that deal by booking it. But then you quickly realize that you picked a budget airline that will nickel and dime you every chance they can. Baggage, for example, might be half the cost of the ticket. Some airlines even charge for carry-on bags, so be sure to read the fine print before booking. You might be better off booking a costlier airline if it means no miscellaneous fees. If your options are limited and you’ll need to pay for some of these extras, think more about how you’re packing or the way you want to travel. For instance, you might get a free on-board bag, but you’ll need to pay for checked baggage. Opting for smaller carry-on luggage might be your better bet—after all, do you really need to lug around that extra stuff and pay additional for it? Another option can be to use a rewards card that offers perks for a particular airline, such as free checked baggage. You might also be paying extras for things like early boarding. Why would you want to sit longer on an airplane, and on top of that, pay extra for it? If you need additional assistance, you’ll likely be able to board early at no charge. Otherwise, you might want to save your money.



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