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A cruise can give a traveler the opportunity to see different cities and ports of call, and often for a cheaper price than separate airfare and lodging would cost. But whether you’re in the booking stages or you’re about to embark on your cruise, you’ll want to be careful that you don’t turn a budget vacation into a lavish expenditure. You can still have a terrific time and do what you want to do, but without breaking the bank. If you’re getting ready to go on a cruise, the following tips can help you save:

Take your own photos

Skip the cheesy (and very expensive) photos that are taken onboard, especially if you have your own camera. Take advantage of the beautiful backdrops that are around you as you visit new cities and take your own photos, which will only cost you a couple dollars to print back at home. Not only is this much cheaper, but your own photos might even turn out better.

Don’t purchase on-board Internet

Internet on a cruise ship is expensive and extremely slow, so it’s almost like throwing money out the window. If you must get online, wait until you’re docked and you’ll probably find a free hotspot with no issues. Otherwise, you’ll probably be able to find a low-cost Internet café, as they are usually located very close to cruise ports.

Go to the spa while the ship is docked

Maybe it’s a port you have no interest in visiting, one that you’ve visited numerous times already, or you’re on a long multi-port cruise and you simply need a break—whatever the case may be, consider booking your spa treatments on a port day. It may be tempting to book your spa treatments while you’re at sea, but consider the disadvantages. Not only will you pay top dollar, but it can be difficult (or impossible) to get an appointment, unless you book well in advance. If you’re willing to sacrifice all or part of an in-port day, you might be able to score some big savings. Not only are spa and salon appointments usually plentiful on in-port days, but cruise lines will often offer substantial discounts on these days as an incentive.

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